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About the Story

Life After follows two friends facing the reality and trauma of death in different ways, while learning how to embrace it as part of life.


It is important to us because it explores topics that are more relevant than ever including mental health, grief, and our connection to the natural world. We feel there is no better time to tell this story. Mental health awareness is growing, plant medicines are becoming less taboo, and the reality of our mortality is becoming harder to ignore.


We want this film to inspire people, and we are at a point where we need some help to finish it in the most beautiful way possible.

To get a better feel for our vision, please check out the fundraising video above that discusses the movie further and offers a sneak peek at some footage we’ve already captured.


About the Production

​Production began in October of 2020, when our cast and crew hiked 4 miles into the mountains, bringing all of the camera and sound equipment along with camping supplies. There, we captured some truly magical moments between our characters and with the environment. Since then, we have learned so much both about our story and our production needs.

Then, almost a full year later, we returned from a 2nd trip into the woods in October of 2021 with a bigger crew, a refined script, and a renewed passion for our story.

Now we need your help. We are hoping to raise $75,000 for production costs (equipment rentals, crew pay, etc.), and post-production (sound and VFX, festival fees, etc.) We have been pouring our heart into this project for years, and we are so excited to finally bring friends and family into it. Please know your support already means the world to us. 


If this is something you too believe in, we would be forever grateful for any contribution to the remainder of our production - regardless of size. You may even receive a fancy Life After sticker :) 

The Team

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