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Practice Pictures was founded in 2017 as an artistic collective with a spirit of curiosity and exploration. We aim to dive deeper into the world we live in and create art that positively inspires new perspectives and touches lives. It’s all practice.




Nicholas Bradford is a Director, Cinematographer, Editor, and Photographer with 8+ years of work experience. He has crewed on hundreds of productions including documentaries, commercials, narrative films, and music videos. In 2013, he was awarded a NW Emmy Award for his directing and editing while at Channel Films in Anchorage, Alaska. In 2017, he received a BFA in Film Production with an emphasis in Directing from Chapman University, Dodge College. Nicholas recently wrapped production on his first feature film titled Pop Verve. When he isn’t on set, he enjoys hiking, photography, and traveling. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where he works as a freelance cinematographer and editor on short films, documentaries, and personal wellness films.


Sam Crainich is a visual artist and filmmaker currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA. On set she can be found as a director, production designer, sound mixer, stylist, really anywhere her skills apply. She graduated from Chapman University in 2017 with a BFA in Film Production. Her dystopian senior thesis film entitled “River,” won The Visionary Award at Third Eye Film Festival in New York City. The LGBT-centric film has had the chance to be received by audiences from Mississippi to Tel Aviv. Her most current international premier will be in January 2020 at the London Short Film Festival. Her most recent projects have included working for Disney, Netflix, Hulu, and more. She believes that through sharing stories, we as humans will grow closer towards understanding each other in order to be better representations of love and compassion for the future.

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David Patty is an actor and filmmaker who grew up in the East Bay Area. He has been telling stories both on stage and on screen for almost two decades. In 2016, he received his BFA in Screen Acting from Chapman University with a minor in psychology. Since then he has he has worked with Apple, AFI and Brat TV, as well as working behind the camera on several music videos and independent film projects. Having been raised by two clinical psychologists, David is extremely passionate about using his art and storytelling as a means to promote and spread positive mental health practices and encourage people to grow into greater versions of themselves.



Jinny is originally from the tiny town of Holliston, MA and is now living in Southern California working as an actor. Jinny received her BFA in Screen Acting (and a minor in Neuroscience) from Chapman University in May 2016. In 2017, she was an Artists Striving to End Poverty fellow at their Artist As Citizen Conference at Julliard. In October 2018, she won Best Actor at The Actors Awards in LA for her work in Melrose. In addition to the whole audition-in-LA hustle, she's been creating her own work as a filmmaker, performance artist, and visual artist. She is extremely passionate about social justice, the arts, and pizza.





A father and son face off in an intense battle of wits. Sometimes we won't come to a common conclusion, the important thing is to listen. Nothing good comes of making enemies. This film was created as part of the Berkeley Community Media 48 Hour Movie Jam.

Created by & Starring David Patty and John Patty


Tre returns to the belly of the river beneath the streets where his voice can echo his innermost frustrations. When a familiar face arrives, Tre decides to cool out with his old friend as they relate to one another over the unjust state of the world. 

Created by & Starring DeShawn Cavanaugh

Starring Ravel Ward

Directed by Sam Crainich

Cinematography & Editing by David Patty

MAXIMUS (2019)

A dog's lesson.

Created by David Patty



Starring: Carly McClellan, Matthew Amerman, Alec James Milewski, Melissa Foster, David Patty

Director: David Patty

DP: Nicholas Bradford

Mua: Melissa Foster

Music By: Carly McClellan and James Keeley 



Ty is a confident musician awaiting a letter from Berklee. Wyatt is fun-loving partier doubting his competence and self worth. Roscoe is a charismatic class clown hiding a life-changing decision. Elvis is a gentle observer joining the military. Jude is a wanderlustful sentimentalist planning her transition to grad school. Together, these five best friends reminisce on the past, confront the future, and have one last night together before college graduation.. 

Directed by David Patty

Written and Starring Jinny Ryann

What We're Working On

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A feature film about how we heal.

Click here for more info, including our launch video!



An experimental short film about the light and dark of growing up.





Practice Pictures is based in Los Angeles, CA

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